How does handle dispute resolution between buyers and sellers?

How does handle dispute resolution between buyers and sellers?

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The GEM online registration platform has a structured dispute resolution mechanism to handle conflicts between buyers and sellers. The process includes:

  1. Dispute Reporting: Either party can report a dispute by submitting a detailed description of the issue through the platform.

  2. Initial Mediation: GEM's support team initiates a mediation process to facilitate communication and resolve the issue amicably.

  3. Document Review: Both parties may be required to submit relevant documents and evidence supporting their claims.

  4. Resolution Committee: If mediation fails, the dispute is escalated to a resolution committee comprising GEM officials and experts.

  5. Decision Making: The committee reviews all submitted materials, conducts hearings if necessary, and makes a binding decision.

  6. Implementation: The decision is implemented, and appropriate actions are taken to resolve the dispute, which could include financial adjustments, penalties, or other measures.

  7. Appeal Process: There is an option to appeal the decision if either party is dissatisfied, subject to certain conditions and timelines.

This structured approach ensures fair and transparent resolution of disputes, maintaining trust and reliability in the procurement process on

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